Monday Mornings 1×01-1×03 Screen Captures

October 5th, 2014

Added screen captures from the 1st 3 episodes to our Gallery.

Battlestar Alum Jamie Bamber Books a Killer Rizzoli & Isles Arc

July 3rd, 2014

Jamie Bamber is set to land in Rizzoli & Isles‘ crosshairs, with a multi-episode run on the TNT drama.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the British Battlestar Galactica alum will guest-star as Paul Wescourt, a successful prosecutor who is accused of killing his mistress.

Bamber will make his debut in Season 5′s summer finale (airing Sept. 2) and then also appear in the first episode back from the midseason break.

In addition to his run as BSG‘s Apollo, Bamber’s TV credits include Law & Order: UK, Body of Proof, Monday Mornings and Sky1′s The Smoke.


Jamie Bamber: ‘The Smoke uniform had the desired effect on my wife!’

February 17th, 2014

Jamie Bamber dons a firefighter’s uniform for new Sky1 drama The Smoke (Thursday, Feb 20). We caught up with him to talk about the show and how he much his wife liked his firesuit!

What can you tell us about The Smoke?
“I play Kevin Alison, a firefighter who gets very badly burned in a fire in a block of flats at the start of the series. There’s a screw up in the chain of command and he’s sent into a burning building with no way out. There are various people he blames for that and he knows he has to find out who’s responsible for what happened to him before he can move on.”

It must have been difficult filming in those firesuits all day?
“Yes it was really hard work! I’ve never sweated so much in my life! I think I lost a couple of pounds a day just by sweating. The breathing apparatus also makes you feel like you’re in scuba gear on dry land.”

…and what about the smoke?
“For the first week we were shooting with really noxious black smoke, which is basically the same kind of smoke you actually get in a burning building, because we wanted it to be as realistic as possible. Everyone – including the whole crew – had to be on oxygen all the time. But it was just so difficult and no one could see anything so after that we switched to slightly less poisonous smoke.”

Did you do much training before filming started?
I didn’t do much, but I wish I had done because I was shattered at the end of every day! My character actually returns to work after nine months of rehabilitation in the first episdoe so maybe that was my excuse for not doing much at the gym beforehand.”

How do his injuries affect his relationship with his girlfriend Trish, played by Broadchurch star Jodie Whittaker?
“He has the kind of injuries you don’t usually see on TV and his relationship is affected. Trish stands my Kev, but he thinks she’s about to leave, so he pushes her away a bit.”

How does he cope with going back to work?
“He doesn’t feel like the man he was and he doesn’t think he can do it the way he once did. But the one thing he has left is his pride as a firefighter. He believes in the job and he’s very proud of it.”

Did your wife ask you to bring the uniform home with you while you were filming?
“I didn’t take the uniform home, but I did meet my wife while I was wearing it. I met her half-way through the shoot and she saw me coming up the road and got a bit excited. I didn’t bring it home, but it seemed to have the desired effect!”

Has making The Smoke made you check your smoke alarms at home?
“I’m not really a paranoid person, but after being in a few burning buildings I think I’ll definitely be checking them more regularly.”


Jamie Bamber’s favourite TV

February 17th, 2014

Earliest TV memory?

I grew up in Paris from the age of two until seven, so I didn’t watch a lot of TV. But when we visited London we always watched Doctor Who. That’s very seminal for me. And actually, Battlestar Galactica I remember watching in that sort of way. Buck Rogers, Dukes Of Hazzard, Magnum PI, The A-Team. A golden era for cheesy television.

Bring back…

It would be interesting to see The West Wing still going with the modern presidency and the modern issues that are going on. I love Aaron Sorkin’s writing. He creates engaging dramas on one level, but there are a lot of intellectually stimulating ideas as well. You need your grey cells when you’re watching Sorkin.

I cried at…

Broadchurch. We’re so used to seeing jaded cops, denying any emotional contact with the subject matter they’re dealing with, so it was so refreshing to see Olivia Colman’s character just unapologetically connect with people and events. That brought a tear to my eye several times, actually. Olivia Colman’s such an emotionally open actor. She’s wonderful to watch.

Pitch us a TV show…

I’d love to play an 80s-era private investigator who’s also a golf pro. He does his work on the golf course and in country clubs. I’m a golf nut so that would be fun. I’d be wearing awful golf jumpers. And there would be an action-caper sequence in the last quarter of the show, involving a golf buggy. We’d have to get Tom Selleck involved, in homage to Magnum PI.

Dream panel show lineup?

Let’s have some dangerous folk, where you don’t know what they’re going to do. Julian Assange. And the leaky guy, Edward Snowden. People who are going to shake things up. And then get Joaquin Phoenix, because you never know who he’s going to be. We have to get a rightwing Republican up there. Bill O’Reilly. Get him up there with Edward Snowden, just berating each other.


Band of Brothers Captures

January 28th, 2014

Added captures from Part 7 & Part 8.  Thanks to my buddy Amanda for capping these for me ages ago!


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